Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

In partnership with Post Investment Group, a lead affordable housing syndicator and operator in Beverly Hills with an existing portfolio of $2B+, our investment group acquired 1501 residential units across three separate properties in the growing Dallas-Fort Worth region of Texas. In exchange for income-restricting 50% of the units, the entire portfolio qualified for 100% property tax exemption. This structure generated approximately $1.4M in additional Net Operating Income in Year 1 and increased the appraised value by 29% at the close of escrow due to the abatement of real estate taxes. By combining all three properties into a fund, we achieved greater diversification with the varying risk profiles of each property, and therefore a more blended return for investors.


Asset Class

Multifamily Apartments (Affordable)


3 Property Portfolio (1500 total units)



Investor Returns

Projected IRR 17-21%+; 2.3x+

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