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IWF offers access to handpicked, high-yield alternative investments, combining Franklin’s expertise with unparalleled market discernment for your secure financial growth.

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Our Approach

Partner with us to amplify your existing investment portfolio through alternative investments. We are focused on creating wealth for you through risk-mitigated and tax-advantaged opportunities that are not correlated to the fluctuating traditional markets.

1. Meticulous Selection

Handpicking Opportunities—Our rigor and diligence in vetting isn’t just driven by deal flow. We review hundreds of deals, travel to properties, and leverage our close relationships with top operators.

2. Strategic Diversification

Balancing Risk Tolerance & Investor Objectives—We diversify our allocations across asset classes and markets to build resilient, balanced portfolios that stand strong through tough market cycles.

3. Exclusive Access

Leveraging Collective Capital—Partnering your capital with other investors strengthens your portfolio, ensuring access to elite investment opportunities otherwise reserved for institutions and the uber rich.

4. Partnership & Transparency

Your Trusted Partner—Unlike publicly traded equities, we are in direct communication with you, providing deep diligence materials with ongoing asset performance monitoring through regular reporting.

Navigating the complex world of alternative investments can often feel restricting, as it’s challenging to gain access and distinguish between different opportunities. IWF, led by Franklin’s seasoned expertise, unlocks a curated selection of profitable, low-risk opportunities for expert operators specializing in asset classes and markets. Let us leverage our rigorous vetting and exclusive network to give you ideal returns, financial empowerment, and peace of mind.

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Explore our curated investment opportunities, tailored to your financial goals & objectives.


Mitigate your investment risk and benefit from our rigorous asset & lead sponsor due diligence.


Partner your capital with ours to collectively access exclusive deals and outsized returns.


Accelerate wealth-building with our tax-advantaged diversification & long-term appreciation.

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